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Searching is my first album, and I'm hoping to release it late September, 2018. These songs are the result of me finally deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up: A musician. I've always known that on some level, but had always thought it was too hard, or for people more talented, better looking, or who lived in areas where opportunity is around every corner, not the rural town I call home. I was afraid. I was afraid to take a chance on myself and try because I might find out I'm no good, or that nobody cares what my songs have to say. I spent about two years writing the songs found on Searching, except for the track Somethin's Wrong which was written over 10 years ago.

When I finally decided what I wanted to be I found out something awful: Being a musician is a lot of hard work. You have to go long distances for shows that don't pay enough, at least at the beginning. You have to play on those nights when you have a pounding headache and you just want to be home in bed. You have to make the effort to go to fellow musicians shows as often as you can to offer support and keep your fingers crossed that they'll do the same. You have to learn constantly. Learn how to put on a better show, learn how to write better songs, learn to recognize when to play what and keep the crowd entertained and energized. You have to learn to get better at your instrument from a technical standpoint, learn how to dress appropriately for gigs, and learn about all of the business aspects that go along with it all. Promotion, flyers, Facebook events, website presentation, small talk, organization, and just so much stuff. All of this while trying to find some kind of precarious balance between family and friends. 

But then, you get to play.

You get to play music that you love, songs you've written that you want people to hear, and you hope they relate to. You can pick some covers too. Songs you've loved that were written by others that you relate to. You can watch people dance, bob their head, smile, really listen, and just know that their time on Earth, for a short while, was made better because you were there.

It's the best feeling in the world, I highly recommend seeking it at every opportunity.

My entire life I've never fallen in love with a certain genre of music, instead I love it all. For every mood there's a music. Rock, blues, jazz, country, classical, metal, punk, hip-hop, soul, funk, and more. For the longest time I struggled with wanting to fit in. I tried to be a rock guy, I tried to be a country guy, I tried to be a blues guy. But I'm happiest when I can just be a music guy.

This album has evolved through time as I've been trying to find my place in the music world. It's about experimentation with different styles of music that I love, each track is an exploration into the different kinds of music that move my soul, and an attempt to deliver messages about stuff that is important to me, tell a story, or just get people moving either physically or emotionally.

There's a little bit of everything on this album, and I'm very proud of it. There are many styles present but they are all a part of me. So, when you listen, listen with an open mind. Explore like I did, and am still doing, see if there's something you like. My greatest hope is that you'll hear something that will inspire you to create art of your own. Let it take you on a journey, lay back and relax.

Search with me. Maybe you will find what you're looking for.